Varga László Series No. 3


APRIL 13, 2019 
 SATURDAY, 11:00 AM 


Dvořak: Cello Concerto in H minor

Rachmaninoff: Symphony No. 2

Alexander Ramm (violoncello)

Alim Shakh

Alim Shakh conducted our orchestra with great success already once in December, 2017, so we look forward to his return. He was among the last students of the legendary Russian instructor of conductors, Ilya Mushin in Saint Petersburg. He lives also there and works as the primary conductor in the Opera and Ballet Theater of the Music Conservatory.

The soloist of the concert, Alexander Ramm, will be 30 this year. He studied in Moscow and Berlin, and was a participant of several international competitions. In 2015 he won the second prize at the Tchaikovsky Competition in Moscow. Currently he studies at the Music House in Saint Petersburg, which generously supported his tour in Hungary.

One of the greatest and most popular works in the music literature for solo cello has been Dvořak’s Cello Concerto. Its performance poses an enormous task for the soloist, while providing awe-inspiring pleasure to the audience.

Sergei Rachmaninoff was the successor of Tchaikovsky as a Romantic composer from head to toe. His second symphony was written in a period of turmoil, during the revolution in 1905, when the composer even left his country for a while. The work, which is infiltrated with pathos throughout, nicely portrays the extremities of the Russian soul from deep pain and sorrow to unrestrained joy and enthusiasm.