Lukács Miklós Series No. 4


 APRIL 4, 2019 


Dvořák: Stabat Mater

Ingrid Kertesi (soprano),
Lúcia Megyesi-Schwartz (alto),
Attila Fekete (tenor),
István Kovács (bass),
Kodály Choir of Debrecen
(director: Máté Szabó Sipos )

Péter Csaba

Jacopone da Todi, a monk in the 13th century wrote the poem that voices the desperate feelings of the mother of Jesus, while standing besides the crucifix of her son. This text has been the subject of writing music to it many times over the centuries. One of the outstanding works of them is that of the great Czech composer, Antonín Dvořak (1841-1904). The text was tragically timely in his life: he lost three of his children in mere three months. One may say that he wrote his own pain into this composition finding thus some relief.

He divided the text into ten parts with each having a different character. The choir begins to sing after a somewhat long dramatic orchestral introduction. The first words follow a descending chromatic scale. The main theme of the final movement is the same, by which Dvořak framed the entire composition. The only fast part is the Amen at the end.